Technical Aspects of The New Economy Home

The New Economy Home is the first house of its kind, designed specifically to meet the needs of our shifting times. It is a 1771 sq. ft. 4 bedroom/3.5 bathroom house that addresses the impact that the current economy is having on how we build for today and in the future.


New Economy Home plans are a smart response to the needs of the time. Lower construction costs make this home more affordable in the near term, while the long-term benefits of increased durability and higher energy efficiency will yield savings for years to come.

A high performance green home is more than the sum of its parts. The effective application of building science requires a whole house approach that brings together design, products, construction techniques and owner operation.


Plans reflect an integration of today’s best practices in building science. When you purchase your NEH plans you will also receive our Building Specification Guide. This important tool will assist you or your builder in selecting the best materials and ensuring they are employed as effectively as possible.

The Building Specification Guide includes recommended techniques for key construction details as well as checklists for each construction phase. You will also receive a calendar of reminders for the care of your home to optimize its performance. It’s a critical part of our whole house approach to ensure that you enjoy a healthy, safe, and comfortable home that will be durable, energy efficient, and affordable to maintain—a New Economy Home. 

Tech Details